Offering the highest levels of accuracy and flexibility, our CASTECH machines are among the most advanced equipment options available for the efficient manufacture of elastomers.

Head mechanic transmission

  • Reliability and good sealing evenat high temperatures
  • No periodic maintenance
  • Low machine stop
  • Pumps are completely interchangeable


  • A full pump set produced by HTE enables a wide output range
  • From 250 gr/min up to 70 kg/min.


  • From two to four with the possibility to add up to eight additives or colors.


  • Multiple set up possibilities for different materials to satisfy any needs.


  • A full mixer set can cover a wide speed (up to 8000/10000 rpm) and viscosity range.

Our CASTECH machines can work with all types of isocyanates and chain extenders. The mixing head, made from a special alloy, is engineered to mix polyurethane materials perfectly without damaging the polymer chain.

Our CASTECH series machines can be tailor-made to customers' needs. Multiple components and options for the injection of additives, catalysts, colors and plasticizers recirculation are included on separate auxiliaries circuits. There are also multiple pumps for each single component.