TECNOTHANE is an advanced portfolio of
polyurethane systems that includes a full range of polyols and chain extenders based on MDI.

The TECNOTHANE family of polyurethane
elastomers consists of the MPC, MDE, MPT,
SWP, WRP, V-TER and V-TER Z series.

With more than 1,000 different formulations and products available, there is an option for almost every kind of polyurethane elastomer project from heavy-duty mining and offshore usage to energy control and robotic applications.

When it comes to producing TECNOTHANE, we operate production lines that are more than just reactors.
They are full technology systems, which encompass the whole industrial value chain from processing raw materials to creating products for customer applications.

We have reactors for specialty prepolymer production with different batch size capabilities (from 1ton up to 12tons), and now also the possibility to use Huntsman's facilities where we can produce prepolymer in rectors up to 40tons batch size, meaning we can develop tailor-made elastomer solutions to fit any customer requirements.
We also follow ‘just in time’ production principles – responding to customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Customer ideas are the starting place for our formulation work and the development of polymer systems built to transform the world around us. Speak to our experts for more information and together we can find you the best solution.